Aromaterapeutická masáž

Aromatherapy massage


Aromatherapy massage is a special form of massage that combines the therapeutic effects of massage with the healing properties of essential oils. During this treatment, the masseur or masseuse uses gentle and relaxing massage techniques while applying specific essential oils to the skin. Each essential oil has its own scent and therapeutic effects, and are therefore chosen according to the client's needs and preferences.

Aromatherapy oils are known for their beneficial effects on physical and mental well-being. During an aromatherapy massage, essential oils are absorbed into the skin and their aroma spreads throughout the surrounding area, promoting relaxation, stress relief, calming the mind and harmonizing the body. This treatment is ideal for those seeking total relaxation, regeneration and a boost of vitality. Aromatherapy massage is a great way to indulge in the beneficial effects of massage and essential oils at the same time, promoting overall well-being and balance of body and mind.