Inhalation is a medical procedure that is used to treat respiratory and lung diseases. This method involves inhaling medications, solutions or clean air through the airways. Inhalation can be carried out using either inhalers, nebulisers or vapour devices, which allow drugs or solutions to be dispersed into small particles suitable for inhalation.

During inhalation, patients breathe in medicinal substances or moist air that target the affected areas of the respiratory system. This achieves a faster and more direct effect directly on the target area, which is often necessary for conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), airway inflammation or allergies. Inhalation helps to loosen mucus, moisten the mucous membranes, dilate the bronchi and improve airway patency, thereby reducing symptoms and improving breathing.

The inhalation procedure is a safe and effective treatment method that provides quick and straightforward relief for respiratory problems.