prisadova koupel

Bath with additive


These baths are enriched with various ingredients, such as herbs, Carlsbad mineral salt or mud, which enhance their effects.

In the herbal bath, aromatic herbs are added to the water to release their natural essences. These essences have a beneficial effect on muscles and joints, helping to relieve muscle tension and improve mobility. Some of the herbs also have anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects, which helps to soothe and relax the body.

The addition of Carlsbad mineral salt to the bath brings important minerals such as magnesium, calcium and sulphur. These minerals are essential to the body for the proper functioning of the muscles and nervous system. Carlsbad mineral salt helps to relieve muscle tension, soothes pain and promotes muscle regeneration.

Baths with the addition of mud are popular for their healing properties. The mud contains a number of minerals and trace elements that have beneficial effects on the muscles. In a mud bath, the heat and properties of the mud combine to provide analgesia, help relieve muscle tension and improve joint mobility.

Thus, mud baths offer total relaxation, release muscle tension and relieve pain. Each ingredient brings its own specific benefits, but together they work on the motor system to improve its function and mobility.